4/1/18 – It’s What We Do – Love Moves

Love is not just a feeling. Real love involves action—it takes grit and is often messy. It’s what we do to care for the people around us, which ripples out into our communities, and even across the globe.It’s What We Do is an exciting, month-long initiative, discovering what it means to live from a place of radical love.Starting Easter weekend and for the next 35 days, we’ll engage inspiring weekend messages, daily challenges, and simple spiritual practices to help us experience God’s radical love and put it into action. In this series,It’s What We Do, we want to come out on the other side with a fresh perspective on how love can be what you do every day.

04/01/18 – If Jesus Rose from the Dead. . . It Says Something About Jesus

Medina East Campus | Week 1 | Tony Livigni | April 1, 2018

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is no doubt controversial. But if Jesus truly did rise from the dead, what difference does it make? What does the resurrection say about your past, present, and future? “If Jesus Rose from the Dead…” is a 6 week conversation about the implications of the resurrection that you won’t want to miss.

04/01/18 – Easter Sunday – Back to Life!

What if the Resurrection of Jesus Christ really happened?  How did people react two thousand years ago and what were their doubts?  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s Easter Sunday conversation about why the resurrection matters to each and every one of us.  What kind of love, hope, and security might we find if we run to the empty tomb of Jesus?