You Are Not Alone: He Came to the Party

Part ONE of our “You Are Not Alone” series is a personal encounter between one man and God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  Matthew knew what it was like to be rejected, labeled, and ignored.   In Matthew 9:9-13, Matthew recalls his very first conversation with with Jesus, who treats Him with respect and care as a person.  For many people today, a personal encounter with Jesus reminds them that we are not alone.  God is with us and for us!  Listen to Pastor Gary Underwood’s message from Sunday, November 26, 2017.

Assume I Know: All About Jesus

Jesus Christ – the reason millions of people will celebrate Christmas again this year – fulfilled hundreds of predictions of the Bible and the Old Testament.  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s conclusion to our “Assume I Know Nothing” series with an overview of Jesus’ life and the impact of the New Testament.

11/12/17 – Assume I Know: The Messiah

It’s incredible to see how the Bible’s predictions come true in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, more than 2,000 years ago.  The Bible’s grand story points to Jesus, and God explains much of His plan and purposes through Old Testament prophecies.  Check out Josh Taylor, pastor-in-residency at Grace Church, in a message that “assumes we know nothing” about the Old Testament, explaining how the timeline of history and the Bible points us to a Messiah who would be anticipated and afflicted for His people.

11/5/17 – Assume I Know: The Pattern

The Bible includes people like us.  Even when we mean to do well, we mess up.  We hurt each other.  Even our best plans can fail.  God gives us a picture of how faithful HE is in the midst of our failures.  People in the Old Testament go through a pattern of rebellion, repentance, and restoration.  Perhaps we can find ourselves somewhere on this roller coaster with God right now in our lives!  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s message about the pattern of life with God that we find in Old Testament people and history.

10/29/17 – Assume I Know: The Law

Nobody is a “natural” when it comes to knowing or following God.  Fortunately, God gives us some directions and cautions about the best ways to live and to follow Him.  The Bible includes the “Ten Commandments” as guidelines, instructions, and rules about how to really love God and love people.  These commands aren’t here to restrict our fun or joy in life, but rather, they help maximize our experience of life to the fullest!  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s message on the Old Testament law and the gift of God’s guidance in everyday life!