04/15/18 – Finding Your Way – Awakening to Regret

We all go through difficult seasons in life that remind us of our limits or our need to make better choices. This week, Pastor Gary Underwood continues our conversation on “Finding Your Way Back to God” with a look at how we respond to regrets and broken dreams in life. These are an opportunity to come to our senses and return home to the unconditional love of God as the perfect Father.”

04/08/18 – Finding Your Way – Awakening to Longing

Every human being comes ‘ready-made’ with deep desires and longings for love, purpose, and meaning in life. How do you try to fulfill these longings? Have you found what you’re looking for? Pastor Gary Underwood gives a thought-provoking challenge to help us awaken to the deeper cravings inside and the paths we choose – for better or worse – in an attempt to find satisfaction. This is the beginning of “Finding Your Way Back to God,” a 5-week conversation about our soul’s journey of faith.

04/01/18 – Easter Sunday – Back to Life!

What if the Resurrection of Jesus Christ really happened?  How did people react two thousand years ago and what were their doubts?  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s Easter Sunday conversation about why the resurrection matters to each and every one of us.  What kind of love, hope, and security might we find if we run to the empty tomb of Jesus?

03/25/18 – Give IT Away – Two Ways to Pray

We’ve never actually seen Him or heard Him speak. So what’s the deal with prayer and how we can actually talk with God? What kind of approach or faith shows up when we try to pray? How does our conversation with God actually help us to “give it away” and love others as God loves us? Check out Gary Underwood’s message from Sunday, March 25th at our Ellet Campus. In Luke 18, Jesus tells a story about two men attempting to pray, giving us some convicting guidelines about how we can approach God honestly and freely without trying to be something we simply are not.”