11/5/17 – Assume I Know: The Pattern

The Bible includes people like us.  Even when we mean to do well, we mess up.  We hurt each other.  Even our best plans can fail.  God gives us a picture of how faithful HE is in the midst of our failures.  People in the Old Testament go through a pattern of rebellion, repentance, and restoration.  Perhaps we can find ourselves somewhere on this roller coaster with God right now in our lives!  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s message about the pattern of life with God that we find in Old Testament people and history.

10/29/17 – Assume I Know: The Law

Nobody is a “natural” when it comes to knowing or following God.  Fortunately, God gives us some directions and cautions about the best ways to live and to follow Him.  The Bible includes the “Ten Commandments” as guidelines, instructions, and rules about how to really love God and love people.  These commands aren’t here to restrict our fun or joy in life, but rather, they help maximize our experience of life to the fullest!  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s message on the Old Testament law and the gift of God’s guidance in everyday life!

10/22/17 – Assume I Know: By Faith

Welcome to part three of our “Assume I Know Nothing” series.  Pastor Gary Underwood continues our look at Genesis (Beginnings) and the way God invites us to be restored in the context of a life of faith.  Abraham is a fantastic picture of God’s faithful love and promises in our lives today!

10/15/17 – Assume I Know: The Choice

Life is full of choices.  What choice will you make when it comes to believing in God or following Him personally?  Pastor Joe Caruso gives us a “next step” in our “Assume I Know Nothing” series – a fresh look at the overview of the Bible.

From the beginning of time, God allowed men and women to choose how to live.  Choices, as we find, also come with consequences.  Will we make wise choices in life?

Something Else – God is Speaking

Join Aaron, Gary, and guest speaker Caleb Nichols for “something else” about our RIGHT NOW series.  Caleb helps lead the Grace College program at Grace Church, and preached at the Ellet Campus on October 1st.  This edition of our podcast will help us reflect on and discuss some practical ways to listen to God’s Word throughout the week!

10/1 – Right Now: God is Speaking

Did you know that God speaks constantly?  His thoughts, His truth, His encouragement is available to you in everyday life – right now!  Guest speaker Caleb Nichols (from Grace’s Grace College program) gives us a practical and engaging look at what it means for the Bible to be a “light” to the path of our lives.  From Psalm 119 and Psalm 1, some incredible realities of how God speaks to anyone willing to listen.

09/10/17 – Work: World’s Greatest Job!

This week, we talk about God’s incredible opportunity to work in and through us in the midst of work, career, studies, and just about “whatever we do.”  From one leader’s instructions to another, we find that our efforts and attitudes on the job can actually help people see the incredible message of the Gospel at work in our lives (Titus 2:6-10).  Perhaps God wants to do something eternal in the midst of our temporary work assignments on earth… listen to Pastor Gary Underwood’s message from Sunday, September 10th at the Ellet Campus.

Something Else – World’s Greatest Boss!

Pastors Gary Underwood and Aaron Key continue the conversation about work, careers, and “whatever we do” from Sunday’s message at Grace Church’s Ellet Campus.  God is the World’s Greatest Boss, and we went through four E’s that He brings to our perspective on work – Example, Empowerment, Encouragement, and Eternal.