03/11/18 – Give IT Away – Enough is Enough

Sometimes we might wonder if God is doing something new in our lives. We hear from friends or sense in our circumstances that He wants us to do something. How do we know? Will we respond to God with a “Yes”? Our campus welcomes new Sterling Campus Pastor Christian McAllister with a message about preparing to say Yes to God’s calling and adventures in our lives! Check it out!

02/18/18 – Be The Church: We Are One

No matter what differences we have, God can bring us together and help us experience lasting friendships within the church.  He is all about building unity and peace and connecting us to one another so that we can truly represent Him in this world.  As our campus turns one year old, we are also in the process of “becoming one” as a people.  Listen to Pastor Gary Underwood and Senior Pastor Jeff Bogue talk about how we all fit together at Grace Church and how our one-year-old campus can pursue “oneness” in Christ!

02/11/18 – Be The Church!

Our Ellet Campus is reaching our one-year birthday – we have been meeting at Springfield High School for twelve months now!

It’s a great time for us to remember how each one of us contributes something to this incredible movement and people that Jesus calls a “church.”  Instead of merely “going to church,” we want to embrace the opportunity to “BE THE CHURCH” and encourage one another well.  Pastor Gary Underwood brings an encouraging message and reflection on where we are at as a campus at the one-year mark.

02/04/18 – Let’s Go: From ME to WE

What is the church?  We are a movement of people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus.  We have the most important thing in common – Jesus Christ is our leader and our God!  Listen to Pastor Gary Underwood’s message about how we can get out of self-centeredness and become a part of a life-giving body of believers who pray, give, and serve in such a way that the world can’t help but wonder what God is up to!