08/27/17 – What is Grace? – Give IT Away

We are thrilled to welcome Pastor Ryan Rodeman from Grace Church’s Bath Campus to wrap up our 3-week series on What is Grace!   Our lives have been changed forever by the story of Jesus Christ, and we are here to know it, live it, and give it away.  Like a healthy tree bears fruit, true followers of Jesus will also bear fruit!  Pastor Ryan brings a message on sharing our faith from Colossians 1:9-12.

Something Else with Gary and Aaron (8/23/16)

Listen to Gary Underwood and Aaron Key for some Life-Group-eqsue conversation about joining a new group or trying to break in to this thing we call “Biblical Community.”  Aaron and Gary share some questions, insights, and comedy about making new friendships and connecting with others who just want to know God better.  These questions flow from the ideas and conversation from our Sunday morning services on August 20, 2017.

08/20/17 – What is Grace? – LIVE IT

As we seek to KNOW God better, He also brings change and life to how we LIVE.  This message, from Pastor Gary Underwood, speaks to the powerful value of relationships and Biblical community to help us actually LIVE what we believe!  We would love to help you get connected with friends, a Life Group, or a volunteer team at the Ellet Campus – email us at ellet@graceohio.org!

Something Else with Gary and Aaron (08/16/17)

Ellet Campus pastors Gary Underwood and Aaron Key give us the very first edition of “Something Else” – a brand new weekly podcast where they talk through Sunday’s message with a fun Q&A session.  If you have questions for a future episode of “Something Else,” we want to hear them!  Send us an email at ellet@graceohio.org!

8/13/17 – What is Grace? – Know IT

Want to know God?  It’s all about Grace.  He loves us and offers an incredible life for anyone who believes in His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Gospel – the Story of Jesus – drives everything we do at Grace Church.  We want to KNOW IT, LIVE IT, and GIVE IT AWAY.   Pastor Gary Underwood kicks off our 3-week series  on “What is Grace” with a message about how we can actually KNOW that God is real and God is with us.  We will consider one man’s personal encounter with Jesus as portrayed in the Bible (John 3:1-17).

7/30/17 – How to Be Happy – Week 3 – Happy with What I Have

Are you happy in life?  Where do you find happiness?

Even though happiness can be a moving target, we will spend four weeks trying to pinpoint some of God’s thoughts and promises about our happiness in life.  During Jesus’ most famous speech, he uses the word “Happy” more than nine times to describe the kind of life He wants us to experience.

For this third message, Pastor Gary Underwood will talk about our relationship with money, possessions, and stuff.  The pursuit or “love” of money can dominate much of our time and thoughts throughout the week.  In Matthew 6, God gives us some much-needed wisdom about our earthly things and also an incredible opportunity to pursue treasures in Heaven!

During this podcast message, we will unpack four key questions surrounding your relationship with money and possessions in life…

What do you have?

What do you want?

What do you treasure?

Where is your heart?

07/23/17 – How to Be Happy – Week 2 – My Relationships

Are you happy?  We often look to other people and relationships in life – especially marriage and family – to find happiness.  Ellet Campus Pastor Gary Underwood continues a 4-part conversation about finding true happiness in life.  God actually cares and wants us to be happy, but His definition of “happy” is beyond our wildest dreams.  This second message focuses on Jesus’ pathway to happiness in our relationships as found in Matthew 5:7-12.

07/16/17 – How to Be Happy – Week 1 – Happy with My Self

Are you happy?  The “pursuit of happiness” dominates much of our lives and our priorities.  Ellet Campus Pastor Gary Underwood begins a new 4-part conversation about finding true happiness in life.  God actually cares and wants us to be happy, but His definition of “happy” is beyond our wildest dreams.  This first message focuses on Jesus’ definition of happiness as found in Matthew 5:3-12.

7/9/17 – Best Summer Ever – Week 3

It’s not too late to invest your summer days in ways you’ll never forget!  Listen to part 3 of our “Best Summer Ever” series, helping us focus first on loving God and second on loving people.  Pastor Aaron Key (Student & Family Ministries) gives us a personal challenge from the life of Jesus.