07/16/17 – How to Be Happy – Week 1 – Happy with My Self

Are you happy?  The “pursuit of happiness” dominates much of our lives and our priorities.  Ellet Campus Pastor Gary Underwood begins a new 4-part conversation about finding true happiness in life.  God actually cares and wants us to be happy, but His definition of “happy” is beyond our wildest dreams.  This first message focuses on Jesus’ definition of happiness as found in Matthew 5:3-12.

7/9/17 – Best Summer Ever – Week 3

It’s not too late to invest your summer days in ways you’ll never forget!  Listen to part 3 of our “Best Summer Ever” series, helping us focus first on loving God and second on loving people.  Pastor Aaron Key (Student & Family Ministries) gives us a personal challenge from the life of Jesus.

02/12/17 – By Faith – Week 1 (Launch Sunday)

Adventure.  Risk.  Mission.  Are you willing to trust God and live by faith?  We are starting something new here in East Akron – a brand new campus of Grace Church!   Listen to our first-ever message from Campus Pastor Gary Underwood, a call to do life with God and trust Him by faith (Hebrews 11).