02/10/19 – Jesus: Come & See – Hear

“Come and see” – A simple yet profound invitation. It implies that something is worthin seeing, even believing in. And the message of Christianity is that we can discover both who God is and who we, as people, are meant to be in the person of Jesus. Join us for a series that is all about the opportunity to exchange our second-hand assumptions about Jesus for the eye-witness, firsthand account of His life provided in Matthew’s gospel.

05/13/18 – Winning The Battle Within: Our Story Begins

Medina East Campus | Week 1 | Tony Livigni | May 12-13, 2018

In this series, we journey through the story of a man named Joseph, someone who faced severe injustice, abandonment, temptation, and rock-bottom lows … yet he never allowed the circumstances he faced to define or defeat him. How did Joseph overcome, and what can we learn from his example? Join us as we find out together in “Winning the Battle Within.”

04/22/18 – If Jesus Rose From The Dead. . . It Says Something About My Present Purpose

Medina East Campus | Week 4 | Seth Toncar | April 21-22, 2018

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is no doubt controversial. But if Jesus truly did rise from the dead, what difference does it make? What does the resurrection say about your past, present, and future? “If Jesus Rose from the Dead…” is a 6 week conversation about the implications of the resurrection that you won’t want to miss.

Something Else – World’s Greatest Job!

Join Gary Underwood and Aaron Key as they talk about how our work life and “anything we do” can help to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ attractive to others who watch our lives.  How will God use your work and your career to impact the way other people think about Him?  This podcast is a great “follow-up” from Sunday’s message (9/10/17) at the Ellet Campus entitled “World’s Greatest Job!”

+Weekend Extra- 08/26/17 – Can You Follow Jesus Without Following the Church?

+Weekend Extra with Pastor Jeff and Josh Taylor.
There are always extra thoughts, topics, and insights that cannot be covered in the conversations on the weekend. The Weekend Extra is to help further the conversation from the message. In this episode Pastor Jeff discusses the third week’s conversation of The Good Kind of Weird.