7/30/17 – How to Be Happy – Week 3 – Happy with What I Have

Are you happy in life?  Where do you find happiness?

Even though happiness can be a moving target, we will spend four weeks trying to pinpoint some of God’s thoughts and promises about our happiness in life.  During Jesus’ most famous speech, he uses the word “Happy” more than nine times to describe the kind of life He wants us to experience.

For this third message, Pastor Gary Underwood will talk about our relationship with money, possessions, and stuff.  The pursuit or “love” of money can dominate much of our time and thoughts throughout the week.  In Matthew 6, God gives us some much-needed wisdom about our earthly things and also an incredible opportunity to pursue treasures in Heaven!

During this podcast message, we will unpack four key questions surrounding your relationship with money and possessions in life…

What do you have?

What do you want?

What do you treasure?

Where is your heart?