11/12/17 – Assume I Know: The Messiah

It’s incredible to see how the Bible’s predictions come true in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, more than 2,000 years ago.  The Bible’s grand story points to Jesus, and God explains much of His plan and purposes through Old Testament prophecies.  Check out Josh Taylor, pastor-in-residency at Grace Church, in a message that “assumes we know nothing” about the Old Testament, explaining how the timeline of history and the Bible points us to a Messiah who would be anticipated and afflicted for His people.

11/5/17 – Assume I Know: The Pattern

The Bible includes people like us.  Even when we mean to do well, we mess up.  We hurt each other.  Even our best plans can fail.  God gives us a picture of how faithful HE is in the midst of our failures.  People in the Old Testament go through a pattern of rebellion, repentance, and restoration.  Perhaps we can find ourselves somewhere on this roller coaster with God right now in our lives!  Check out Pastor Gary Underwood’s message about the pattern of life with God that we find in Old Testament people and history.

09/03/17 – Work: The World’s Greatest Boss!

Who are you working for?  There’s only one perfect “boss” and leader for our lives, and He cares deeply about our work, career, and pursuits.  We begin a 2-part conversation about WORK with a look at God’s own works and His design for how we go about our work here in life.  Pastor Gary Underwood’s message from Sunday, September 3, 2017.

Something Else with Gary and Aaron (08/16/17)

Ellet Campus pastors Gary Underwood and Aaron Key give us the very first edition of “Something Else” – a brand new weekly podcast where they talk through Sunday’s message with a fun Q&A session.  If you have questions for a future episode of “Something Else,” we want to hear them!  Send us an email at ellet@graceohio.org!

7/30/17 – How to Be Happy – Week 3 – Happy with What I Have

Are you happy in life?  Where do you find happiness?

Even though happiness can be a moving target, we will spend four weeks trying to pinpoint some of God’s thoughts and promises about our happiness in life.  During Jesus’ most famous speech, he uses the word “Happy” more than nine times to describe the kind of life He wants us to experience.

For this third message, Pastor Gary Underwood will talk about our relationship with money, possessions, and stuff.  The pursuit or “love” of money can dominate much of our time and thoughts throughout the week.  In Matthew 6, God gives us some much-needed wisdom about our earthly things and also an incredible opportunity to pursue treasures in Heaven!

During this podcast message, we will unpack four key questions surrounding your relationship with money and possessions in life…

What do you have?

What do you want?

What do you treasure?

Where is your heart?

7/9/17 – Best Summer Ever – Week 3

It’s not too late to invest your summer days in ways you’ll never forget!  Listen to part 3 of our “Best Summer Ever” series, helping us focus first on loving God and second on loving people.  Pastor Aaron Key (Student & Family Ministries) gives us a personal challenge from the life of Jesus.

02/12/17 – By Faith – Week 1 (Launch Sunday)

Adventure.  Risk.  Mission.  Are you willing to trust God and live by faith?  We are starting something new here in East Akron – a brand new campus of Grace Church!   Listen to our first-ever message from Campus Pastor Gary Underwood, a call to do life with God and trust Him by faith (Hebrews 11).