04/03/16 – It’s a Match!: Introduction

There are 7.4 billion people on the planet today. With so many people and possibilities, you would think two people finding and making a relationship work would be easier. So why is it so hard? We ask a lot of questions: How do I find the right person? Is dating just a game? Should we live together? How do we know when to take the next step? Aren’t soulmates supposed to never fight?

But what if we’re asking the wrong questions? Maybe the more important question is not how to find the right person, but how to become the right person.

In our series, It’s A Match! My So-Called Love Life, we hope to gain proven wisdom to make our relationships not just work, but thrive.

04/03/16 – No End in Death: Questioning Suffering

Pain…suffering…death. Not exactly easy topics to discuss…or to endure. Life is difficult when we are faced with pain – we certainly don’t look forward to it. And just why does God allow it to happen, anyway? Join us in our series as we examine pain with a biblical lens and discover six anchors from God’s Word that give real hope for today and tomorrow.