Episode 12 – Richard Fisher Part 2

After many years on staff at Moody Bible Institute, Richard Fisher served Grace Church for seven years as the head pastor of adult education. He is a brilliant Biblical mind and a joy to be around. He is now retired and living with his family in Warner Robbins, Georgia. I so enjoyed learning from him that I brought him back one more time before he left for Georgia. Enjoy part 2 of our conversation.

Episode 6 – Liz Miller

Liz Miller is a pretty recognizable face at Grace. She can be seen on stage singing with the band, and hosting the Weekend Extra. Liz is also a single mother of four who survived the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband Ricky. Listen as she tells us how Jesus and the Church gave her the strength to deal with tragedy.

Episode 4 – Angel Dague

Angel Dague is on staff with RAHAB Ministries. RAHAB serves the women of Akron, Ohio who are enslaved by traffickingĀ  by putting truth and love into action. Grace Church has been an active supporter of RAHAB Ministries for many years. Angel met Jesus through the efforts of Becky Moreland (RAHAB Ministries Founder), and now Angel lives to serve Jesus and the trapped women of Akron.